Sophie Violet Mcilwaine

Small batch ceramics handmade in Northern Ireland.



Tit-Tea's & Mugs

tit-tea's & Mugs


Wax Burners, Bowls, Plates & more.



Ceramic and Skin Coloured Planters.


Itty Bitty Tit-Tea Committee

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Sophie’s workshops obviously attract the best kind of folk, everyone was so lovely and chatty, openly praising each other’s style and ideas for their mugs.  We had an absolute ball, Sophie’s mugs are beautiful & she had all the bases covered - the nibbles were top quality and scrumptious, my friend and I loved getting creative and chatting over painting. 

Bailey Evans

Wow. My experience at the tit-tea workshop was a night I will remember for a long time. From the amazing, expert guidance of Sophie to the freedom of doing something creative. She was so attentive and fun. 

Megan Phair

Me & my mum attended Sophie's Tit-Tea workshop and we had an absolute ball. Sophie is so warm and friendly, both in person and in her communication before and after the event. On the night of event, it was so well-organised and ran so smoothly that all that was left for us was to have fun painting our mugs and having the craic with the other people on the course.

Cathy McFadden

Sophie’s workshop was one of my favourite days out! I went on my own and met loads of lovely girls on the day. Sophie was so good with explaining everything, offered loads of colours to paint and even helped me when I needed! I would 100% do another workshop if they didn’t keep selling out so quick!

Charis Saunders

My mum, sister and I attended the Tit-Tea workshop. The treats were delicious and oh so pretty. The night flew in, the prosecco and craic flowed! Sophie and her brother were so friendly and helpful throughout the evening. I absolutely adore my mug and always show it off.

Stephanie Keith

Myself and two friends attended our Tit-Tea workshop for a wee get together just before Christmas. We had an absolute ball painting our Tit-Tea mugs in a super cute venue and laid back atmosphere. Sophie is a gem and I can't wait to book another workshop again soon!


I had an absolutely amazing experience at Sophie's Tit-Tea workshop, one of my favourite Sunday's ever- it was amazing to chat to Sophie in person, she was so welcoming. Would definitely go again, everyone should get to experience painting her lovely mugs - such a lovely way to express feminine creativity and super therapeutic - 11/10!!!

Ciara McCann